Coursera e-learning

So I was told by the info in this course I should blog or twit or do something to talk about the e-learning course that’s just opened on coursera. At first one might say it has nothing to do with my research but on the other hand we’re about to finish a course with the exact same name at our Faculty (read the desc of our course here) and I was wondering if I can learn something new which I can bring to our class next year. The first week of the course started okay with few short movies about the impact the internet-informationtech-thingie has on our lives. Okay, great, let’s think about that for a second and move on later. The artistic approach some of the movies had was something new to me but I’m open for that kind of things.

Some of the movies I’ve watched during 1st week

The instructions proceeded with an essay which went into completely different, philosophical direction. For those of you why want to make your own opinion, here’s the link: click!

There is some more about the technological aspect; nevertheless, the story still largely reflects the fears about the integration of new technologies into the studying process instead of seeing all the possibilites.


I definitely haven’t expected or percepted the concept of e-learning so sociological. Instead I hoped for a deeper explanation and interpretation of methodologies and concepts that are useful in this new environment since I work at the Faculty for computer and information science.

We’ll see where this goes in few weeks. Until then I might blog once or twice just to make sure there’s a (my) critical view of the ongoing course. :)


Please feel free to respond to my view with your own. What does the “e-learning” mean to you? How do you feel about the technology which became deeply involved in our lives? Are you concerned about e-stuff or do you feel that it could benefit us?