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Coursera e-learning part II

This week brings some new videos about the future (and the dangers it brings). I’ve seen some of the videos before. I just don’t buy most of the stuff; nevertheless some of those have an interesting point.

The first one is interesting since it represents “damage control” being handled by people from the future.

The second one talks about exclusion of certain “rebels”. The story is not exactly clear but the red line of the movie is about free will.

This one talks about the positive aspects of modern technology (raising productivity, scheduling, efficiency etc). I like this one though I strongly believe that human kind will find a way to become even lazier/more stupid by using these devices/concepts.


This week’s essay is about … metaphors. The abstract of the essay goes like this:

People use metaphors routinely to express their thoughts regarding the Internet’s nature and potential. In a study of editorials over a three month period, writers used metaphors of physical space, physical speed, salvation, and destruction to describe the Internet. We need to understand what these metaphors imply and how they impact the Internet’s future.

Haven’t read it yet (you can get it here). I hope it goes better than the one last week :)